Friday, August 29, 2008

Here is a school year SMART notebook calendar file with other useful template pages.

Download it by clicking here:
Calendar Notebook

Save the file and then click it to unzip.

In order to view this file, you must have the SMART Notebook software or the Notebook interactive viewer installed on your computer. (Download viewer here:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Math Games

Looking for a clever interactive math game?

Check out these two SMART Notebook files.

Koosh Ball

The question pages can be changed to align with your math operation.
Each ball is linked to a page in the Notebook file.

Download the file. Open the file.

You must have the SMART Notebook software or the Notebook interactive viewer installed on your computer. (Download viewer here:

The best page view is 100%.

Click a ball, a problem appears. Student can write answer on board and click star to check their answer. A click on the answer ball takes you back to the main Koosh ball page.

Flexible and fun.

Here is another Math Game to try - Math Game

Both are edited from files found on Heather Lamb's download page.

Several other interesting notebooks are also available for download at this site.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cleaning the SMART Board

SMART Boards should not be used with regular white board pens at all. If one is inadvertently used, use the white board cleaner Expo to remove the marks.

Spray the cleaner on a clean soft cloth (never spray the board directly) and use the Expo eraser to clean.

If your board should become dirty, please use the Expo white board cleaner or Windex to clean your board.

Spray the cleaner on a clean, soft cloth (never spray the board directly) and use to gently clean the board.

Repeated use of Expo will leave a film on the board that will interfere with its functionality.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

15 Educational Activities

Here are 15 educational activities that can be designed using NOTEBOOK SOFTWARE



Fill in the Blank

Labeling - diagrams, maps, graphics

Hidden Answer/Reveal
HINT:Use white marker on white background/erase to reveal

HINT: Make sure each sentence/word has a unique text box

Handwriting Practice
HINT: Search gallery for letters to trace or paper backgrounds

Linking to Interactive Online Activities

Highlighting and editing text
HINT: Customize a pen to always be a highlighter in pen tray settings

Reveal answers or hints using the Screen Shade
HINT: Save it covering the page

Collaborative Writing
HINT: Wireless keyboard works great!

Graphic Organizers - download this notebook! Graphic_Organizers

Visual Vocabulary

HINT: Use the Infinite Cloner option

HINT: Search Gallery for page templates

Use the Flash Tools in the Gallery
Letter generators
HINT: search FLASH in the Gallery