Saturday, May 31, 2008

Interactive Notebook Lessons

Did you know many sites including SMART Tech has Notebook lessons already developed posted online? These are great lessons for adding interactivity in student use of the SMART Board. The files are easy to open and ready for you to use as they are.

If you like the Notebook lesson you can download and save the file, make changes specific to your curriculum, and use with Notebook lesson with your class. Be sure to view it before saving it yo your computer.

You will find everything from Pythagorean Theorem, animal/human cells, biomes, ancient history, to a basic use of parts of speech.

An entire list of sites is located here -

Monday, May 26, 2008

Presenting with SMART Tools

The SMART Board software bundle comprises Notebook whiteboarding software and SMART Board Tools.

The SMART Board tools enrich presentations and add interactivity to your learning environment.

How to access the Tools:

Press the SMART Board icon in the Windows Notification Area at the bottom right of your screen. The SMART Board Tools menu will appear.

If the SMART Board icon is not visible, select Start > Programs >SMART Board Software > SMART Board Tools. The SMART Board icon will appear in the bottom right of your screen.

Use the Magnifier tool to make small screen areas easier to see.

Use the Screen Shade to cover your screen until you’re ready to reveal it to your audience. Then drag it from any side.

Use the Spotlight to focus the audience’s attention on a particular area of your screen.

Use the Pointer Tool from the Floating Tools to point out important areas of your screen.

View: Teacher Tube - Extra SMART Board tools.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lesson Activity Toolkit

This is definitely worth downloading and using!

Lesson Activity Toolkit

This is a program that downloads right into Smart Notebook that gives you lots of options for creating interactive Notebook pages - word matching, category sorting, multiple choice, word guess (hangman), and note reveal (for revealing one step at a time).

There is also a self checking feature for students to use.

Take a look at some examples from the Toolkit by downloading this notebook file.

Toolkit - notebook file

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jeopardy - SMART Notebook

Design a Jeopardy game using a SMART Notebook template.

Change the categories and modify the slides with your questions and answers.

Your Jeopardy game will become an interactive learning experience instead of a static powerpoint review.

PLEASE NOTE: To view these files you need SMART Notebook installed on your computer.

Download Jeopardy Smart Notebook template
View in Full Screen mode.

Check out this Jeopardy Smart Notebook - how much do you know about SMART Boards?

Download Jeopardy "Test Your Knowledge" Quiz
View in Full Screen mode.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Portaportal - Access Your Favorites From Any Computer!

Looking for a place to keep links to all your favorite SMART Board websites?

If so, check out Portaportal is a free bookmarking utility. It acts like your favorites or bookmarks menu. It will give you a place to keep your favorite websites and you will be able to access it from any computer with web access.

To use Portaportal, create your own username and password first. Then, create categories (as many as you like) and then add bookmarks under categories (again, as many as you like).

Portaportal provides a system of collecting and categorizing websites that are useful in your teaching practice.

It enables you to guide your students directly to a site that has been reviewed and approved by you beforehand.

Click on the help button to view a nice tutorial.

The link to is provided below. Be sure to use the guest access code "teacherc" to see our teacher center portaportal listing "freebies sites" on the web.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Magnetic Numbers and Other Interactive Math Websites

Interactive websites are great to use with the Smart Board.

Let students work individually, in pairs, or in groups of three to complete the activities.

Check out this magnetic numbers activity.

Magnetic Numbers

Here are links to some other interactive math websites:

Interactive Math Websites

High School Math Interactives

Interactives for Math and Other Subject Areas

Interactive Math Sites for the Smart Board

Educational Java Programs - Math

Math is Fun

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Google Earth and your Smart Board

Have you tried Google Earth with your Smart Board?

Tom Barrett has yet another presentation called Eighteen Interesting Ways to Use Google Earth in your Classroom.

Eighteen Interesting Ways to Use Google Earth in your Classroom

Google Earth provides - A Free Public Resource - Providing Teachers with the tools needed to enhance their instruction using Google Earth®, the free program that brings the world to the classroom! A Website By and For Teachers.

Google Earth Lessons

Also check out these ideas:

The ten best things you can do with Google Earth

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Smart Boards on Teacher Tube

Teacher Tube has several nice video clips related to SMART Boards

Check out these two video clips by a British educator showing the "Magic Paper" and "Erase and Reveal" techniques of presenting information.

Magic Paper

Erase and Reveal

I also liked this one showing a kindergarten class using the SMART Board. Impressive.

Once Upon a Smart Board interactive whiteboard