Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Portaportal - Access Your Favorites From Any Computer!

Looking for a place to keep links to all your favorite SMART Board websites?

If so, check out www.portaportal.com. Portaportal is a free bookmarking utility. It acts like your favorites or bookmarks menu. It will give you a place to keep your favorite websites and you will be able to access it from any computer with web access.

To use Portaportal, create your own username and password first. Then, create categories (as many as you like) and then add bookmarks under categories (again, as many as you like).

Portaportal provides a system of collecting and categorizing websites that are useful in your teaching practice.

It enables you to guide your students directly to a site that has been reviewed and approved by you beforehand.

Click on the help button to view a nice tutorial.

The link to portaportal.com is provided below. Be sure to use the guest access code "teacherc" to see our teacher center portaportal listing "freebies sites" on the web.


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Mrs. K said...

And in the "Teacherc" Portaportal, in the Lesson Plans folder, there is another folder for Smart Lesson Plans. And there is a Jeopardy Folder with templates and games, too! Hope they help!