Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Math Games

Looking for a clever interactive math game?

Check out these two SMART Notebook files.

Koosh Ball

The question pages can be changed to align with your math operation.
Each ball is linked to a page in the Notebook file.

Download the file. Open the file.

You must have the SMART Notebook software or the Notebook interactive viewer installed on your computer. (Download viewer here:

The best page view is 100%.

Click a ball, a problem appears. Student can write answer on board and click star to check their answer. A click on the answer ball takes you back to the main Koosh ball page.

Flexible and fun.

Here is another Math Game to try - Math Game

Both are edited from files found on Heather Lamb's download page.

Several other interesting notebooks are also available for download at this site.


Mme Nixon said...

love the koosh ball math! Thanks for sharing.

Miss said...

We couldn't get the koosh ball to activate the dots. It worked if we pressed the dots with our hands though. Any idea what we might be doing wrong? Thanks for any insight!

J. Rodriguez said...

Try having the students stand at an angle when they throw the ball. This sometimes helps. Also, are you using a big Koosh (original size) ball? The mini ones don't work well.

Ilana said...

just figured out that the koosh has to be tossed slowly and gently at the big dots, so that they stay in contact with the board for a second longer than you would achieve just with a regular throw. great game!