Saturday, February 14, 2009

Inserting You Tube Videos into Smart Notebook

Did you ever find a YouTube video and wish you could insert it into your SMART Notebook?

All you have to do is copy the URL of the YouTube video page and paste it into Tube Leecher -

Click DOWNLOAD and then save the file. If you are not offered the option of SAVING AS a flv (flash video file),save the file and then rename the file with the .flv extension.

The YouTube video is then converted to a flash video file and can be inserted into a SMART Notebook page using the INSERT button on the menu bar.

How easy is that?

Here is a sample YouTube video that has been inserted as a flash file.


Rob Jacklin said...

I think the same thing can be done by using "KickYouTube". Once you get to a video you want to download, just put insert the word "kick" in the URL of the video and press "enter." That will take you to the KickYouTube site where the video can be downloaded as an FLV file.

Haven't used it to download FLVs of video, only mp3s. Seems like it should work though?

Susan said...

When I tried, it told me I it did not recognize the file type. Was not able to save it.

Bruce said...

It's not kick, but kiss that you must insert before youtube.