Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tip of the Day for Smart Board Users


Select an object or text on your notebook page by clicking on it.  Drop down the menu button in the upper right corner. Select  ”clone” to make an exact copy. 
Select “infinite cloner” to make this object a cloner until you click off by selecting the words “infinite cloner”.  Infinite cloners keep cloning as you drag and drop.  Use the infinite cloner feature to create virtual manipulatives for math or clone letters of the alphabet for ELA activities.

You can also clone pages so that multiple students complete an activity.  OPen the page sorter, click on the thumbnail of the page, in the page sorter, you can select the drop down menu and clone the page as many times as you want.   Students should sign their pages when they have finished the activity.

Example (excerpt from Mrs. Blossom's blog):

During a recent workshop, one participant showed how she was using the infinite cloner, shapes and grouping features of SMART Notebook software to help students develop their vocabulary.  
All the letters of the alphabet were placed on a page as infinite clones, with the vowels and consonants in different colours. One student chooses a word from a list; the other students drag the letters into a box on the screen to correctly spell that word. The teacher has created a simple hands on activity where students were able to collaborate!

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